Conference held to arrange the works of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education

On the afternoon of Sept. 3, 2012, a conference was held at Scientific Building to arrange the works of Academic Degrees and Graduate Education for the first semester of 2012-2013. Vice president Jiang YiJian, the school deans in charge of graduate education, teaching secretaries, the staff of Graduate School, and other people concerned, totally more than 100 people, attended the conference.
Prof. Qiao JunFei, executive vice dean of Graduate School, first reviewed the achievements of the last semester: The National Outstanding College Students' Science and Technology Summer Camp was held successfully; The educational plans for postgraduate were comprehensively revised, which truly realized the classified cultivation of academic degree and professional degree postgraduate; 1 Ph.D dissertation were prized as National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation (NEDD), 2 Ph.D dissertations were nominated as NEDD. For two consecutive years won the NEDD, at the same time the NEDD winning dissertations involve multiple disciplines; "Scientific spirit and academic standardization" propaganda activities continued to carry out, which has become a brand among the colleges and universities in Beijing; In short, the graduate education in Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) currently are in continuous, steady progress stage. But at the same time, there are needs for improvement and optimization of some links.
The focus of the graduate work in this semester includes: Reform the postgraduate enrollment mode, try out the "application recommend system" in PhD entrance; Further promote classified cultivation, optimize the course structure, strengthen the scientific research training and engineering practice, carry out the combination of collaborative innovation; Comprehensively promote the internationalization education, increase training funds support; Carry out discipline evaluation and key national disciplines cultivation work, improve the level of teacher team.
At the end, vice president Jiang YiJian made a concluding statement. He stressed that the key graduate work in this semester can be summarized as: "an implementation, four improvements". “an implementation” means to fully implement the 2012 version educational plan for postgraduate; “four improvements” includes: (1) Improve the graduate matriculate quality, continue to expand enrollment propaganda, try out doctoral examination reform; (2) Improve the internationalization level of the graduate education, expand the overseas students enrollment, strengthen the efforts of international joint training; Ensure the funds investment, to support the doctoral students to participate in international academic conference; (3) Improve the scientific spirit and academic standard consciousness, pay attention to scientific spirit and academic standardization education; (4) Improve the key discipline development level, Implement performance evaluation.