Educational Plans for doctoral program were released

 In order to cultivate innovative talents with the ability of independent innovation and international vision, as the important part of internationalization strategy for postgraduate education, the Graduate School has released the English version 2012 Educational Plans for doctoral program. The Educational Plans have been discussed through Academic Degrees Subcommittees of each colleges and institutes, and examined and approved by the University Academic Degrees Committee.

 The followings are the English version 2012 Educational Plans for doctoral program of each discipline.



Mechanical Engineering.pdf 

Electronic Science and Technology.pdf 

Control Science and Engineering.pdf 

Civil Engineering.pdf 

Tranportation Engineering.pdf 

Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics.pdf 

Applied Chemistry.pdf 

Environmental Science and Engineering.pdf 




Optical Engineering.pdf 

Computer Science and Technology.pdf 

Materials Science and Engineering.pdf 

Management Science and Engineering.pdf 

Applied Economics.pdf 

Biomedical Engineering.pdf 

Software Engineering.pdf