National Outstanding College Students' Sci & Tech Summer Camp ceremony was held

On the morning of July 11, 2012,Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) 2012 National Outstanding College Students' Science and Technology Summer Camp opening ceremony is held ceremoniously at the YiFu library report hall. President Guo Guangsheng, vice president Jiang Yijian, the graduate leaders of each college or institute, heads of graduate school and more than 100 undergraduates from national “985 Project”, ”211 Project” universities have attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by the executive vice dean of the Graduate School Qiao JunFei.
First of all, on behalf of the teachers and students, president Guo Guangsheng expressed a warm welcome to all campers. He pointed out that through 50 years of construction and development, BJUT firmly grasped the opportunities of the "211 Project" and the preparations for the Olympics, and changed from Billing Division University to Multidisciplinary University, from Teaching University to Teaching and Research University. BJUT, as the vanguard of local university, has certain advantages in discipline construction, talent training, science research and teachers construction. Principal Guo introduced in detail the fruitful achievements of degree and postgraduate education. He hopes the campers through the visit, study, communications and other activities to approache and understand BJUT, get happiness and experience success. Then by watching the videos of the BJUT, the campers further understand the deep background of Beijing University of Technology.
This science and technology summer camp lasted one week, from July 10th to July 16th. Academician Zuo Tieyong and Zhang Ze had made academic reports for the campers, and caused enthusiastic response. During the activity, College of Laser Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology, College of Electronic Information and Control Engineering, College of Architecture and Civil Engineering, College of Environmental and Energy Engineering, College of Computer Science, College of Materials Science and Engineering, College of Software Engineering, College of Architecture and Urban Planning had organized academic reports, campers visiting the lab, teacher-student interaction and other colorful scientific and technological activities. According to the characteristics of the campers, every college carefully designed and seriously organized the National Distinguished Teacher, Outstanding Youth, and other famous instructors to make special academic reports, showing research strength and academic elegant demeanor of BJUT. Cultural visits, class meetings, badminton game, evening party, exchange dinners and other cultural and sports activities injected boundless energy into this Science and Technology Summer Camp.


Organizing the Science and Technology Summer Camp is the beginning of the work of recruiting excellent graduate students. We will also constantly sum up, strengthen post-service efforts to improve school graduate students' quality, laying the foundation for the construction of Research Universities.