Open ceremony of the Second Extra-Curriculum Activities Science and Technology was held

The open ceremony of the Second Extra-Curriculum Activities Science and Technology (ECAST) of Beijing University of Technology which is also the Exhibition of Students’ Technology Works was held grandly in the hall of the Humanities building on Sept. 21. More than 200 people attended the ceremony. They were Feng Changgen, the member of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and vice chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology, Wang Dapin, the director of Education Working Committee Publicity and Education Department, Wu Wenxue, the deputy general manager of Beijing Electronics Holding Co. Ltd., Wang Shoufa, the Party Secretary of Beijing University of Technology, the Principal Guo Guangsheng, the Vice Principal Ma Zhicheng, Jiang Yijian and the brother universities, Cooperative enterprises, media representatives, school leadership of the relevant departments and representatives of new students. The ceremony was presided over by the school party deputy secretary Wang Xiuyan.
The theme of ECAST of Beijing University of Technology is “Light the light of science, technology and innovation and help the youthful dreams to set sail”. It aims to show elegant demeanour, enlighten wisdom, stimulate innovation, and fly the dream. The ECAST includes science and technology competitions, academic reports, works exhibition, etc., which is a science and technology feast including nearly 30 activities. Among it, student's science and technology exhibition is the most important part, which includes nearly hundreds of works from 14 institutes, 10 project training room, 6 off-campus research cooperation base and the Yitai Peony Cup LED Light Source Creative Design Contest.
On the basis of the success of the first ECAST last year, the current ECAST have new ideas in the content and form. First, have set up a core exhibition aria called Excellent Blue which includes the outstanding works and designers can interact with the audience. Then, to attract teachers and students to better participate in the activities of the ECAST, the organizing committee first issued ECAST "passport", and have set the Outstanding Award, Outstanding Organization Award, Outstanding Participation Award and many other awards , enhancing the influence of ECAST. Third, have change the past form, organized by the school and students participate in, into organized by students and school sponsor. It better mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, and meet the different needs of the students.