Appointment ceremony held for honorary professor from The Palace Museum

The lecture hall of Shaw library’s atmosphere was warm in Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) in the afternoon of 24th, May. The Palace Museum honorary professor’s appointment ceremony and the tenth Celebrity Forum on The Imperial Palace Culture Festival was grandly held. Many main leaderships attended the ceremony, such as the Palace Museum director Shan JiXiang, vice president Li WenRu, the director of research Yu Hui, the palace learning institute director Zhang HongWei, as well as the President of BJUT Guo Guangsheng, assistant principal and the personnel department director Wu Bin, the library’s director Ruan PingNan, executive vice dean of Graduate School Qiao Junfei, the minister of party committee research department Li Juan. Professor Wu Bin presided over the ceremony.
Professor Wu Bin reviewed all-round cooperation achievements between BJUT and the Palace Museum since signing. Professor Wu said that the national Palace Museum as China's largest ancient culture art museum, represents the highest level in human archaeological culture construction of our country. During The Imperial Palace Culture Festival, Seventeen famous experts of Palace Museum have been employed as part-time professor in BJUT, while six experts have been appointed as the part-time postgraduate tutor since half a year. Fifteen Chinese masters have visited BJUT in succession for academic lectures. Accumulative total of more than 3200 people listened to the lecture. More than 2000 teachers and students have taken part in the on-the-spot investigation, contest as well as treasure activities in the Palace Museum. It plays important role in inheriting excellent culture of Palace Museum and improving students' comprehensive ability .
Professor Wu announced, The Academic Degrees Committee agreed to hire Shan JiXiang, president of the Palace Museum, as the honorary professor of BJUT. President Guo Guangsheng issued the letter of appointment to Shan Jixiang. Later on, Li WenRu, representative of the Palace Museum, donated books to BJUT library and Postgraduate Association of BJUT, the library’s director Ruan Pingnan and president of the Postgraduate Association Li YunPeng accepted the books.
Beijing University of Technology will carry out comprehensive high level scientific research cooperation with Palace Museum in the fields of ancient architecture protection, nondestructive testing, information management, digital museum construction, etc., and will jointly cultivate master's and doctoral students.