2012 Training Programm for new supervisors and Education Month for Scientific Spirit & Academic Standardization

Special report on “Scientific Spirit and Academic Standardization” for educational month closing ceremony and 2012 supervisor training was held in the lecture hall of Shaw library on May 9. Deputy party secretary of Professor Wang XiuYan, deputy secretary of discipline inspection commission Ma WeiNa, executive vice-president of Graduate School Qiao JunFei, The National Natural Science Fund Committee of discipline inspection and supervision office director Zhang Qing, schools vice secretary, postgraduate supervisors and part of the students representative were represented at the meeting. Party committee secretary, graduate school vice president Li Juan chaired the closing ceremony. 
The closing ceremony started with a 5 minute video clip which reviewed the whole history of educational propaganda month. The campaign of education month was hosted by both the party committee of postgraduate work, Graduate School and the discipline supervisory department. The campaign carried out a series of varied and colorful activities with focusing on the scientific spirit and the theme of academic standardization, such as photography contest, “hint fiction creation”, “seting ordinary example”, window exhibition with “Master of Nobel Prize”presentation board. These events created a big stir among teachers and students and played a positive role in leading their academic thought. In addition, the whole design and operating fully reflects that the people of Beijing University of Technology who advocated freedom and have the spirit of innovation.
In the ensuing commendation part, Qiao JunFei, Ma Weina, Zhang Qing and Wang XiuYan respectively announced the result of “A day in the Lab” photography contest, “Hint fiction creation” and cartoon contest,revealed the list of winners and excellent organizational units and awarded certification to them。
Secretary Wang XiuYan made a speech. She pointed out that Education Month for scientific spirit and academic standardization come to an end temporarily, but scientific spirit and academic standardization is a an eternal topic. During the program, students take an active part in all kinds of activities with their wisdom, camera and pen to create a image of “academic frog” what won an enormous success. In this way,teachers and students’ awareness of academic integrity will be further enhanced. Combining Scientific Spirit and Academic standardization with training supervisors, we should not only discipline themselves and live up to academic discipline, but also drive more comrade around them, especially in directing their students, promoting the scientific spirit, reaching to academic standardization, sticking to both imparting knowledge and educating people. Lastly, secretary Wang shared with all of us a sentence as an encouragement ”an excellent and successful teacher lies in if he can cultivated every student into healthy – minded people, not in if he have developed how many scientist, how many tycoon, how many star”.
After the closing ceremony, Zhang QingWei made a special report “Scientific spirit and academic behavior - on research integrity thinking”,he pointed out "science innovation and scientific taste is the process that people know the world with constant pursuit", called on everyone to carry forward the spirit of science, uphold science morality, contain scientific research misconduct, build good style of study.