Beijing Welding Equipment Research and Development Centre

Beijing Welding Equipment Research and Development Centre was founded in 1998. Its research and development on welding equipment and Gas Metal Arc Welding deeply influence the field of welding researches in China. And its team research capacity holds the lead position among the rest of research teams in China. The centre belongs to Beijing University of Technology. There are 4 supervisors of Ph. D. students, 4 professors and 7 associate professors in the centre now, and 80% of the teachers have Ph.D. degree. There are more than 70 graduate students doing their degrees in the centre, and the lab covers more than 800 square meters.

   The Research and Development Centre takes the development of Chinese welding industry as its own responsibility, considering “establish at Beijing, serve Beijing, extend to the rest of China, and open to the world” as its key objective, and devoting its effort on the development of welding equipment. The achievements of research on inverter welding power source have been transferred to more than 10 well-known welding equipment manufactures in China. In addition, the design and manufacturing technology of inverter welding machine has been transferred to companies in Canada, India and Malaysia. The achievement of research has been applied in auto, airspace, piping, and mine industries. It is the first time in China to research on electromagnetic compatibility in welding and to establish the related national standards.

Major research fields

1. Research on new welding power source

2. Welding manufacturing equipment and technology of main parts of the Space;

3. Advanced manufacturing technology of automotive structural components

Research interests

Power electronics and electromagnetic compatibility;

Digital welding power source;

Fundamental research on arc welding;

Applications of welding automation and robot;

Advanced manufacturing technology of light alloy;

Highly efficiency welding technology;

Near-net shape welding technology;

Welding technology of under the effect of external field