Beijing Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Lab Information

The laboratory of advanced manufacturing technology is one of key laboratories of Beijing municipality at Beijing University of Technology, which is formerly known as the machinery manufacturing laboratory of the mechanical engineering department of Beijing University of Technology. The laboratory is one of the important teaching and research laboratories, which was founded in the early school in 1960. For the modernization of experimental equipment, in the early eighties, CNC machining center, Apollo computer workstations, HP dynamic signal analyzer and a batch of advanced equipment were introduced into the lab under the help of the World Bank Loan Project. After the foundation of the school of mechanical engineering and Applied Electronics in 1998, a lot of advanced equipment and instruments including a virtual axis measuring and machining center were introduced into the lab under the support of the 211 project.Afterwards several research centers including CAD/CAM center and intelligent manufacturing monitoring center were founded through the cooperation with Machine Tool Research Institute and the Cage company. In 2001, the laboratory become one of the first batch of Beijing municipal key laboratory by the approval of the Beijing Education Commission and Beijing Science and Technology Commission .

Since the key laboratory founded, we keep straight on "Based in Beijing, into Beijing, service in Beijing" as the lab’s developing aim. Focusing on establishing a long-term relationship of industry, learning and research with leading enterprises of the equipment manufacturing industry in Beijing, we carry out the research activities closely relating to equipment manufacturing technology innovation, core competitiveness increasing and mechanical engineering personnel training in Beijing. The laboratory has become an important base as the equipment manufacturing industry technological innovation and personnel training in Beijing.

At present, the lab has developed several featured research directions of advanced manufacturing and relevant fields, which including Digital design and manufacturing technology, Manufacturing process monitoring and large mechanical and electrical equipment fault diagnosis technology,Heavy machine tool performance analysis and testing technology, Comprehensive performance test and evaluation technology of CNC machine tools, Reverse engineering and technology of biological, Vibration monitoring and control technology of mechanical systemDigital control and automation of printing equipment.

Main equipment

Denmark B&KNoise and vibration analyzer and excitation system(3560C), sound intensity test system(3599), which have depth analysis inthe dynamic characteristics of the machine tool and key components, as well as the vibration and the noise during equipment operation, provide a reliable basis about the reliable analysis of the machine tool, the motion state, fault diagnosis and traceability.

AmericaMLI(Manufacturing Laboratories Inc.)MetalMAX cutting stability analysis system, which have comprehensive testing andevaluationon the dynamic characteristics of the machine used mainly for milling and cutting stability, is used for machine vibration and cutting stability evaluation.

Heavy NC machine tool dynamic and static state test system

Renishaw QC20 ball bar meter is a tool used for rapid detection of two-axis NC machine tools precision and fault analysis. It is composed of a installed inside scalable fiber pole of the high precision displacement sensor which includes two coil and a movable rod. It works similar to use an LVDT displacement sensor technology.When the length change, the inside rod move into the coil and cause theinductance changes. Then,detection circuit changes inductance signal into a resolution of 0.1μm displacement signal and through the interface send to the PC. The precision is±0.5μmdetect by laser interferometer(at 20). When the machine tool cue meter length to radius of a circle according to the scheduled program, Q20 sensors detect the change of the movement radius direction of machine tools. Then, the renishaw Q20 analysis software could rapidly separate from the straightness error, verticality, repeatability, backlash, the match of the proportion of each axis servo performance and servo performance with the radius change.

Technical indexes: Sensor resolution 0.1 μm, ball-bar sensor precision at ±0.5μm, the ofsystem measurement at ±1.25μm, the travel of sensor range from -1.25mm to +1.75mm, work temperature range from 0 °C to 40 °C

Introduction of function: Ball-bar is a tool which is used for rapid detection to the precision of two axes team NC machine tools and machine fault analysis. It includeservo mismatch, the creep error and reverse clearance, repeat accuracy and the mismatch of the proportion, as well as the geometric precision error, and then, gives the overall roundness error value. It is composed of a installed inside scalable fiber pole of the high precision displacement sensor which includes two coil and a movable rod.When the length change, the inside rod move into the coil and cause theinductance changes. Afterwards,detection circuit changes inductance signal into a resolution of 0.1μm displacement signal and send to the PC through the interface. Use test and report Ballbar20 system software.

Large-scale combined surface dynamic and static characteristics test loading device

INSTRON8801 is manufactured by the Instron Corp Company inShanghai. It’s a large combined with the interview of experiment and analysis of the clamping device which can realize the test experiment of static and dynamic status of test specimen. This device can simulate the joint parameter identification in the actual loading condition. Testing machine can obtain the basic characteristic parameters of materials by tension and compression, bending and fatigue test on the material test specimen.

Qualificationmaximum load±100KN ;the total actuator stroke:±75 mm; the maximum tensile space 1100 mm; column space: 562 mm; the total width :920 mm; the total height :2423 mm.