Research Center of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Automotive Structural Parts, Ministry of Edu

Established in 2007, centralizing research and development capacity from College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology, College of Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Laser Engineering of Beijing University of Technology,it is an essential part of Beijing General Research Institute of Automobile. Its main objective is to develop key technology of automobile parts manufacturing, to accelerate transferring of research achievement, and to improve the manufacture ability and technology level of China auto structure parts.

   The centre owns different instrument and equipment for measurement and processing with a value of more than 30 million. The great advantage of this centre is welding equipment manufacturing, process design and systems integration, and production planning, etc. It has made great contribution to automobile parts manufacturing, and occupies a great team advantage on the research of Gas Metal Arc Welding and its application in China.

   In recent years, the centre undertakes projects on development of automobile parts manufacturing equipment and processes research with sponsor of the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Machinery Committee Fund, the German Volkswagen Foundation, the Dongfeng Motor Corporation, the United States GM Corporation, Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corporation, and ZF Shanghai Automotive factories. It also undertakes national major projects about ultra high strength steel automotive components manufacturing. Those works have made influence in the field of automotive parts manufacturing industry.

   Now, the researches of centre concentrate on application of laser welding, laser arc hybrid welding, magnetic-pulse welding, plasma welding, servo spot welding, low-energy arc welding, and double-wire welding in the field of automotive structural parts.